Madaline Duran Music is synonymous with all the finer things in life… a memorable bottle of wine, luscious food, a joyful gathering of friends, a breezy summer evening, a warm embrace, fresh ocean air, the exquisite rendering of an alluring melody…

Madaline Duran is passionate about music and about people. Her "joie de vivre," her humor, her warmth and her incomparable music will transform your event. Madaline generously lends her artistic expertise in helping you create the right ambience for your special event…whether you are looking for soothing sounds as a backdrop for a dinner event or desire the perfect set of romantic ballads for an anniversary party. Madaline will put together just the right combo and music sets for you.

Exhilarating, joyful, warm, sophisticated, playful, impeccable… Madaline is all that and more!

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